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“Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate person of somebody else.”
Judy Garland

Andrew has been tutoring my son Luca for several years now. Because Luca has been diagnosed with ADD he has a difficult time focusing and staying on task. Since Andrew has incorporated Imagery in their sessions, Luca has benefited tremendously as it helps promote a sense of calmness especially when he becomes hyper. As a result he is more focused and it helps him to transition better between subjects. Also he really enjoys being able to expand on his already vivid imagination. I feel this would be a useful tool and benefit all children, especially those with special needs, to clear their minds and have a calming and more productive day.

Sharon Brock & Luca Herring

I am so happy to give my honest testimonial supporting fully Andrew in his passion and in his mission. I know that in his heart, his presence and in his love his intuitive higher self is ever present. He is very comforting, easily accessible, trustworthy, observes carefully, connecting, relating, guiding, he brings people to a happy space within many levels of understanding. I am privileged to know this remarkable man.

Lionel Lamarre

I have had several hypnotherapy sessions with Andrew Bexson (Light the Way) and I am so pleased with the results. I was a little nervous at the start but Andrew quickly put me at ease with his kindness and gentleness. I was impressed not only by his professional expertise but by his caring, sensitivity and great compassion. Andrew really cares! I wholeheartedly recommend Andrew Bexson to anyone considering hypnotherapy.

Leila Laakso

I started to see Andrew Bexson for weight management. In less than two months I quickly lost ten pounds. I feel more confident as well. Andrew has helped in my market consulting business. I have been able, with Andrew’s guidance, to produce much better results, so much so that it has helped improve my business and increase my clients as well. I am more focused, more active and more confident in many other areas of my life. Andrew gives practical strategies that work! I would recommend anyone to Andrew Bexson who wishes to remove his or her blocks and have a more prosperous life. The positive impact for me is I have a new view of life with confidence.

Blaise MacClayne

I am happy to have found Andrew and his work when I did. I was stuck in a dark place,through hypnosis I discovered childhood events and more importantly feelings that help me shed some light on myself.I am now looking forward to a happier and positive future.

Chantal, Burnaby

After a sports related head injury from 1996, I have learned to deal with the negatives that have come with this incident.  However, one aspect that I have struggled with is severe anxiety attacks during certain life situations.  A family member thought hypnotherapy may help and through a reference I was given Andrew Bexson’s information.  I was skeptical; however, after a phone consultation I was willing to “give it a shot.”  Almost immediately, I noticed a positive change and by the end of our sessions I had confidence and ambitions that I had not felt in years.  These feelings have not gone away, and I feel a big change in my life had been made.  These results are incredible to me considering I have seen many Drs. and taken different medications and gone to different courses.  Mr. Bexson is very professional, trustworthy, understanding, and works in a very relaxing environment.  Every step of the process is discussed and the myths of hypnotherapy are very quickly put to rest with the direction Mr. Bexson takes in his counselling.  I am glad I got past my uncertainty and strongly recommend taking that first step and contacting Andrew Bexson.  Although I wish to not post my name, I have given Mr. Bexson my contact information for anyone that wants a first-hand account from someone who has gone through the experience of hypnotherapy.

I was very nervous and somewhat skeptical when I first began seeing Andrew however his kind, caring and positive approach soon put me at ease. He was sensitive, professional and always very clear in his explanations. After several sessions my symptoms subsided so I would certainly recommend giving hypnosis a try! Thank you Andrew for your help.


I began seeing Andrew to deal with extreme nervousness and social anxiety related to my upcoming wedding. Prior to trying hypnotism, I had tried several methods, including counseling and group therapy, and saw hypnotism as a last resort¹ and was not sure what to expect. However, I immediately felt at ease with Andrew and, following our first meeting, was thrilled to see he had mapped out a concise and comprehensive roadmap to address various issues that were feeding into my social anxiety. While it was a bit overwhelming at first, I could clearly see the path laid out ahead of me and felt that, finally, a resolution might be in sight. Over the coming weeks and months, we worked through each area systematically and, week after week, I found myself making small improvements and victories. Working with Andrew was well worth the time and effort. Not only did I happily and calmly walk down the aisle on my wedding day without a trace of nervousness, but I was also able to resolve some deep-rooted issues with my family, my upbringing, and my chosen career path. I highly recommend Andrew¹s services and would not hesitate to work with him again.


It was an incredible journey and you are an incredible guide.  I thank you from the depths of my heart for sharing your special gifts with me and helping me navigate to where I am now.  The last few months have been absolutely amazing. I very much liked the sound of your voice from the moment I first spoke with you on the phone.  You have a wonderfully kind voice and manner that engenders trust and comfort.  You’re very intuitive and the time I spent working with you was truly the safest and most allowed I could have imagined being.

You allowed me to lead the way when I wanted to and yet, when I needed your help you were there for that as well  You have a very balanced approach.

You shared your thoughts and insights in non-judgmental, non-threatening ways, always allowing room for my own truths and realities to come through, never causing your own agenda , ideas or beliefs to get in the way of my journey.

You not only listened, you heard.  You interpreted. You understood, and you brought clarity from my jumbled thoughts. All the time maintaining a lightness and humour that I most enjoyed.

On a more personal note, I liken you to one of my guardian angels having reincarnated it’s a nice picture, and I’m SURE one of them has your lovely voice.  🙂

More importantly, your genuine and intense happiness for me when I said I thought I was finished therapy was the absolute nicest gift ever.  I wish I could explain it better but I felt so good to have your happiness and  support, it was a tremendous relief to me and it added exponentially to my own confidence in my decision and the foundations I have built.



After experiencing anxiety for several years and trying many different ways of coping, I decided to look into hypnotherapy as route to rebuild my confidence. I contacted Andrew and from the first time we spoke I felt very at ease and I knew he was the right counselor for me.  We worked together on several methods that I can say with a new found confidence have helped me overcome the problems I was facing. I would highly recommend Andrew for his kindness encouragement and guidance. Thank you Andrew for helping me find a new path which to follow.

Ken Wylie


To begin the change today call: 604 868 5533.

Based in North Delta, BC. Canada