Trust and Rapport

The more I see clients in my Counseling Hypnotherapy practice the more I am aware how important it is to build trust and rapport with every single person I meet. This is important both for the therapist and the client.

Regardless of how a client, upon arrival feels – depressed, talkative, anxious, stressed, apprehensive, nervous,  jubilant, hopeful, excited, open, closed, trusting, distrusting…………………………the need for trust and rapport is necessary.

In order to build trust and rapport, having a kind regard for the individual with whom has taken great courage to make the decision to seek therapy, is equally important – to accept where they are at, to remain open, empathetic, warm, kind, compassionate, understanding, patient and at the same time to gently encourage them to express themselves, maybe with words, feelings or silence.

At the beginning of a session, I find it helpful to talk about a few topics, not necessarily related to the client’s issue/issues, very useful because it allows the client and me to get to know one another. Therefore slowly but surely trust and rapport is being established together with a pleasant atmosphere, a comfortable relaxed setting, with cushions and blankets and always the option of a warm cup of tea.

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