“Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate person of somebody else.”
Judy Garland

Andrew has been tutoring my son Luca for several years now. Because Luca has been diagnosed with ADD he has a difficult time focusing and staying on task. Since Andrew has incorporated Imagery in their sessions, Luca has benefited tremendously as it helps promote a sense of calmness especially when he becomes hyper. As a result he is more focused and it helps him to transition better between subjects. Also he really enjoys being able to expand on his already vivid imagination. I feel this would be a useful tool and benefit all children, especially those with special needs, to clear their minds and have a calming and more productive day.
Sharon Brock & Luca Herring

I am so happy to give my honest testimonial supporting fully Andrew in his passion and in his mission. I know that in his heart, his presence and in his love his intuitive higher self is ever present. He is very comforting, easily accessible, trustworthy, observes carefully, connecting, relating, guiding, he brings people to a happy space within many levels of understanding. I am privileged to know this remarkable man.
Lionel Lamarre

I have had several hypnotherapy sessions with Andrew Bexson (Light the Way) and I am so pleased with the results. I was a little nervous at the start but Andrew quickly put me at ease with his kindness and gentleness. I was impressed not only by his professional expertise but by his caring, sensitivity and great compassion. Andrew really cares! I wholeheartedly recommend Andrew Bexson to anyone considering hypnotherapy.
Leila Laakso

I started to see Andrew Bexson for weight management. In less than two months I quickly lost ten pounds. I feel more confident as well. Andrew has helped in my market consulting business. I have been able, with Andrew’s guidance, to produce much better results, so much so that it has helped improve my business and increase my clients as well. I am more focused, more active and more confident in many other areas of my life. Andrew gives practical strategies that work! I would recommend anyone to Andrew Bexson who wishes to remove his or her blocks and have a more prosperous life. The positive impact for me is I have a new view of life with confidence.
Blaise MacClayne