Myths & Facts

“Learn to get in touch with the silence within yourself and know that everything in this life
has a purpose.”
Elizabeth Kubler-Ross

Myth: A person is asleep during hypnosis.
Fact: A person is totally awake during hypnosis.

Myth: A person in a hypnotic state does not know what is going on around him/her. He/She has totally tuned out the surroundings.
Fact: A person in a hypnotic state can hear everything that they would ordinarily hear. Although he/she most likely has their eyes closed, they are completely aware of their surroundings.

Myth: The hypnotist can make me do things I don’t want to do, like cluck like a chicken.
Fact: First, an ethical hypnotist would not even ask a person to do these things in the first place. Second: A person has the ability and control to reject any suggestion that contradicts their morals or survival.

Myth: The hypnotist hypnotizes people.
Fact: The client hypnotizes him/herself. The hypnotist guides the client through the process.

Myth: Under hypnosis I cannot talk or move myself.
Fact: You can talk, move yourself, break off the session or go deeper into a trance all according to what you want to do.